Anglais.htm version 0.1

1-to create a new document (Ctrl+N)
2-to open a document (Ctrl+O)
3-to record a document (Ctrl+R)
4-to record the document under a different name (Ctrl+L)
5-to record the document as if it had a different name (Ctrl+I)
6-Previsualisation in an external window...
9-to print the document (Ctrl+P)
10-to configure the printer (orientation of paper, quality...)
11-to leave Vincent (think of recording your documents)
12-panel of Window configuration...
13-to seek cliparts...
15-to manage the documents, To import/Export, Print, Leave
16-to cancel... (Alt+Retour Postpones)
17-to remove the selection and to place it in the clipboard (Ctrl+W.)
18-to copy the selection in the clipboard (Ctrl+C)
19-to stick the contents of the clipboard in the document (Maj+V)
20-to copy the selection in the clipboard and to duplicate it (Ctrl+W)
21-to select all the elements of the active plan (Ctrl+T)
22-to remove the selection (Suppr.)
23-to remake... (Maj+Alt+Retour Postpones)
24-to copy the style of the selection (Ctrl+Maj+Y)
25-to stick a style to the selection (Ctrl+Y)
26-to choose a format in the clipboard (Maj+Ctrl+V)
31-to cross, copy, stick, duplicate/All to select
32-to modify the order of posting of the elements between them (on the same plan)
33-to bring the elements selected towards the front (Ctrl+Maj+D)
34-to bring the elements selected backwards (Ctrl+Maj+E)
35-to bring the elements selected above all the others (Ctrl+Maj+P)
36-to align the selected elements
37-to align on the top of the selected elements
38-to align on the basis of selected element
39-to align on the flat rim of the selected elements
40-to align on the left edge of the selected elements
41-to align the elements selected on the horizontal center
42-to align the elements selected on the vertical center
43-to gather the elements selected in only one element (Ctrl+G)
44-to separate from the beforehand grouped elements (Ctrl+S)
45-to publish the selection (Ctrl+E)
46-to create a paving starting from the selected element (Ctrl+Z) (To increase with Maj+déplac.)
47-to modify the elements...
48-to configure the grids visual and magnetic
49-to configure the page: cut, orientation, color.
50-to post the preferences... (Ctrl+Maj+T)
51-to post the palette
52-to post the rules
53 them guides... To fix elements, to build a gauge...
54-to post the guides
55-to return the guides magnetic to attract the mouse
56-to remove all the guides
57-to place guides on the selected element
58-to post/Hide the bitmaps
59-to post the contour of the drawings quickly
60-information on the selected element (Ctrl+I)
62-to carry out an external program...
Various 63-options...
64-to modify the attributes of text
65-to modify the attributes of drawing
66-to create or modify a range (the object must be closed)
67-to activate the accessory keyboard (to visualize the characters available)
68-to manage the plans (credit, posting...)
69-to modify the pallet color (Window Pallet with Maj)
70-to select a cast iron
71-to modify the layout of line/contour
72-to remove horizontal symmetry
73-to remove vertical symmetry
74-to assemble closed ways of drawing (Ctrl+Maj+A)
75-to disassemble ways of drawing (Ctrl+Maj+S)
76-to remove all the deformations
77-to publish a drive surface
78-to separate a métafile in elements from Vincent drawing.
79-to modify various attributes (pig iron and cast iron, drawings, ranges)
80-to organize the windows so that they are not recovered
81-to pile up the windows of drawing (organization proposed by defect)
82-to arrange the icons in bottom of the principal window
83-to close all the windows of drawing present at the screen
84-to post the document...
85-to post the guides under the layouts.
95-to organize the windows of drawing present at the screen
96-to import a drawing of another format (bmp, GIF, JPEG)... (Ctrl+M)
97-to import a script (*.TXT)
98-to import a file plotter HPGL (*.PLT)
99-to import a bitmap (drawing by points) (*.PCX)
100-to import a bitmap (drawing by points) (*.BMP)
101-to export all the plan in a file metafile (*.WMF)
102-to export a file plotter HPGL (*.PLT)
103-to export the selection in a bitmap (*.BMP)
104-to export the selection or all the document in a file PostScript (*.PS)
105-to export the selection in a file for Luxart (*.INC)
106-to import a file metafile (*.WMF)
107-to import a bitmap Targa Truevision (*.TGA)
111-to export a drawing
112-to post the whole page (F9 or the key *)
113-Zoomer on the selection (touches/or:)
114-Zoomer at 100% (F9)
115-Zoomer at 200%
116-Zoomer with 300%
117-Zoomer with 400%
118-Zoomer with 500%
119-Zoomer with 600%
120-Zoomer with 700%
121-Zoomer with 800%
122-to post on the whole screen (F8)
123-to increase the selection or the objects of the copy (S) (Ctrl++)
124-to select on attributes or objects (Ctrl+*)
125-to select other elements with the current selection.
126-to reverse the selection of the active copy.
127-to move the selection or the objects of the copy (S).
128-to add a squaring...
129-Zommer on all the objects of all the copies (touches "." or "$").
134-rundll32.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\shimgvw.dll, ImageView_Fullscreen
Horizontal 177-symmetry (Ctrl+Maj+H)
Vertical 178-symmetry (Ctrl+Maj+V)
179-True Standard...
Sinusoidal 180-projection...
181-to modify the bars of icons
182-to modify the attributes of quotation
186-to make a range of form with two contours
187-to bring the elements selected in background (Ctrl+Maj+R)
188-to change the thickness of line or contour, adjustment in options/preference
189-Pas of Contour
190-handling of image bitmap with an external program
191-duplicate & bursts a text in elements of drawing.
192-to post the banner page of the assistance of Vincent
193-to post or not the cursor of contextual assistance (rocks)
194-to post the module of assistance on the assistance of Windows
195-to post the box: "In connection with Vincent Draw"
196-to join the elements of a group on a way...
197-to mask a bitmap with a text or a drawing
198-assistance on the short cuts keyboards.
208-to restore the window activates with its preceding size
209-to move the active window
210-Redimensionner the active window
211-to reduce the window activates in icon
212-to increase the window to the maximum (full screen)
213-to close the window
214-to rock towards another application
215-to pass to the following window
223-to handle the small system
224-to publish a comet
225-to modify the scale of quotation
226-to remove a quotation
227-to modify the cast iron of quotation
228-to close a drawing (to colour the interior)
229-to open a drawing (contour alone appears)
230-to join two ways in only one (connects the two closest points)
231-management of the gauges
234-to open a file opened previously (Ctrl to remove it)
235-to import a file Autodesk (*.DXF)
236-to distribute elements regularly
237-to parameterize polygons, stars...
238-to join a group on a way
239-to post bubbles of information
240-this value must be included/understood enters
241-to refer the document in progress (with key words)...
242-to seek documents by key words...
243 - and
244-to soften the image with the screen (F9).
245-to modify the attributes of the shade
246-to modify the attributes of the relief
247-to modify the attributes of light
248-to export a file with the format Ato text.
249-to insert a file in the active document.
250-to parameterize the tool rings.
251-to parameterize the right-angled tool.
252-to parameterize the right-angled tool with corners rounded.
253-to parameterize the tool line and to choose a symbol
254-to parameterize the tool polygon and star.
255-to parameterize the tool for rotation.
256-to parameterize the tool for projection.
257-to parameterize the drawing tool of comet.
258-to modify the attributes of the hatchings.
259-to export a file for Internet on your hard drive.
260-to export your drawings in the format vml on your hard drive.
261-to export your drawings for AutoDesk on your hard drive.
262-projection in trapezoid...
263-projection on a higher half-disc.
264-projection on a lower half-disc.
265-projection on a complete disc.
266-projection on a horizontal roll.
267-projection on a sphere.
268-projection in a black hole.
269-to activate all the menus grayed even when they are not active to have information.
270-to decontaminate all the menus when they are not active.
271-to choose a coloured topic.
272-projection on an arc of disc.
273-projection on a vertical roll.
274-projection on a higher half-circle.
275-projection on a lower half-circle.
276-projection on a higher half-dial.
277-projection on a lower half-dial.
278-projection on a whole dial.
279-interpolation of a form towards another...
280-to choose a random topic of color.
281-to join the selected elements ones with the others.
282-to select the tool line in connector mode.
283-to post the objects of the active copy.
284-to open the Teachware...
285-to draw a staircase...
286-to choose and insert a button...
287-to choose and insert a tank...
288-direction: if a segment is selected, this order changes its orientation.
289-to reverse: product the opposite segment.
290-to draw a segment in the middle of that selected.
291-with this line to draw...
292-with these lines to draw...
293-with this spline to draw...
294-to add segments with arrows.
295-to add segments with arrows and a dimension in millimetres.
296-to add segments with arrows and a dimension in centimetre.
297-to add segments with arrows and a dimension in meter.
298-to add segments without quotation.
300-posting HTML
302-description ok?
306-generator Vincent Draw 4.
307-Reply to
314-name first name
319-tenth of millimetre
327-Twips (1440ème of mm)
328-export ato constant
383-text {
385-line width=
386-line color
387-wire color
389-quotation start=
390-quotation end=
391-quotation invers=
392-quotation close=
393-quotation color=
394-quotation multi=
395-quotation taquet=
396-quotation text=
397-quotation size=
398-quotation angle=
399-quotation block sup=
400-Removable disc
401-Local disc
402-disc network
403-Optical disc
405-number of use
406-code of recording
407-date of first use
408-date of current use
409-some name dialogues
420-quotation block inf=
421-quotation dist text=
422-quotation denominator=
423-quotation numerator=
424-quotation unit=
425-quotation entier=
426-quotation decimal cut=
427-quotation decimal vis=
429-quotation make size=
430-quotation make name=
431-bee size
432-bee text
433-block {
434-} block
439-show splash
451-list object
480-to seize text/Or to create a block of text: Ctrl + click mouse + displacement
481-Zoomer on part of document: click + displacement/right click on tool zoom (rocks)...
482-to select one or more objects/to move objects/+ Ctrl: multiple selection
483-to draw an ellipse or a circle: click + displacement
484-to draw a rectangle: click + displacement
485-to draw a rectangle with corners rounded: click + displacement
486-to draw an arc of circle: click + displacement/arc of opposite direction with Ctrl
487-to draw a simple/broken line: click + displacement
488-to draw a curve containing splines: click + displacement
489-to make turn an object: click + displacement (to duplicate in rosette with Ctrl)
490-to project an object on a half-sphere: click + displacement
492-impossible to apply the deformation
493-to shear the selection: click + displacement
494-to diffuse forms around a whole of points
495-to place a drawing/symbol chosen in the Multi pallet
496-to cut a way in 2 distinct ways
497-editor of line
498-enter a line:
499-Free space:
501-number of division leopard?
502-number of division fly?
503-diffusion aerosol?
504-number of circle in the screen
506-nuclear power
509-horizontal guide
510-vertical guide
511-angular guide
512-to increase/decrease the selection: click + displacement
513-for increasing/decreasing proportionally: clicks simultaneous left and right + displacement
514-to move a check-point of way
515-to insert an arc: click + opposite displacement/Arc with Ctrl key
516-to insert a line: click + displacement
517-to insert a check-point of spline: click + displacement
518-to slacken the mouse with the desired position
519-to move the centre of rotation/Suppr: to remove rotation
520-to move the center of projection/Suppr: to remove projection
521-to increase or decrease the ray of projection/Suppr: to remove projection
522-to slacken the mouse with the desired position (Maj: rotation by step of 15°)
Left 523-click: reason, right Click: contour, left Maj+Clic: end of range
524-to color a surface.
525-impossible to color, move the mouse on the document.
526-to color contour.
527-to insert a quadratic check-point of spline: click + displacement
528-to insert a check-point of curve of Bézier: click + displacement
529-to draw a star, a polygon... (Right Click to configure)
mini 530-guide
531-to adjust the size of the arcs of circle.
532-impossible, to retrogress.
533-to move the selection: click plus displacement.
534-post palette Co.
535-post a color picker with the right button, posts nuanciers with the left button.
536-post a dialogue which makes it possible to modify the colors of the pallet.
537-post a choice of laser beam.
538-click + displacement to make turn this color picker.
539-to click to choose a laser beam.
Tooth 540-number of the gears?
541-L' altitude on axis starting Z of this copy?
542-L' altitude on axis Z of end of this copy?
543-editor of position on axis Z:
544-to create a guide: Click + Displacement.
545-to move a guide: Click + Displacement/To remove: Right click.
546-to move a guide; Ctrl: all mm; Maj: without the grid.
547-to move the origin: Click + Displacement/R.A.Z.: Right click.
548-to move the origin; Ctrl: all mm; Maj: without the grid.
549-to move a guide: Click + Displacement/To remove: Right click. Touch shift equal creation outdistances.
550-to select on the active copy
551-to select some is the copy
552-if research then multi-copies to post this one color and the others in black.
553-to post all the copies colors
554 - - inactive Order only one copy to create.
555-to post the copies credit color and not others
556-to post only the active copy
557-to return to the tool arrow
558-gears with curve of Bézier.
559-gears with Cubic curve.
560-Engenage on right board.
562-with this circle.
563-with these two circles.
568-to bush-hammer name
573-function To undulate, How much intermediate stage?
574 - - To buy on the World Wide Web with Paypal.
593-number of copy
594-feature of cut
595-nests swallow
596 it selection
598-to center
599-name & Date
600-to print the grid
601-to print the guides
602-impression 32 bits
603-laser step=
604-laser color=
605-proportion of the ribbon
608-POV spécific - translation allowed.
609-k_rotate = 0;
649-circum up
650-circum down
651-dial up
652-dial down
653-dial full
654-disc up
655-disc down
656-disc round
adjustable 657-disc
658-cylinder horizontal
659-cylinder vertical
670-size laser=
671-step laser=
672-color laser
682-first angle=
683-second angle=
687-public garden
690-gradiant type=
691-gradiant step=
692-gradiant angle=
694-gradiant xcenter=
695-gradiant ycenter=
696-gradiant hls
697-gradiant rgb
698-sinusoid one
699-gradiant type=none
702-face color
703-End color
707-relief color
709-light color
1026-dimensions in mm
1027-surface in mm ²
1028-number of selected object
1029-choose a color in the pallet
1030-without name
1033-show Desktop Icon
1034-Laser color
1037-mm ²
1038-in ²
1039-surface in Inch ²
1040-dimensions in Inch
1043 - Mr.
1044 - M ²
1047-button push rod
1048-button push rod to support
1049-distribution flècher
1051-wall and dry stone wall
1056-string of the ini, tranlation accurate
1060-right-hand side
1280-to cancel and company
1281-it Line
1282-it Spline
1283-L' arc of circle
1284-it Right-angled
1285-L' Ellipse
1286-it Right-angled with corners rounded
1287-it Displacement
1288-it Displacement of the check-point
1289-to increase
1290 it color
1291-it text
1292-it rotation
1293-it sphere
1294-it black hole
1295-The last tool *
1296-it suppression
1297-l' importation Script
1298-l' importation HPGL
1299-to cross
1300-to stick
1301-to duplicate
1302 it horizontal symmetry
1303 it vertical symmetry
1304-to group
1305 it paving
1306-L' edition
1307-them attributes of drawing
1308 them attributes of text
1309-it selection of the cast iron
1310-it standard of line
1311-degraded it
1312-L' alignment
1313-to pass above
1314-to pass below
1315-to pass in the foreground
1316-to assemble
1317-to disassemble
1318-to close the drawing
1319-to open the drawing
1320-it separation
1321-it block of text
1322-it sinusoid
1323-to remove the deformations
1324-it pot of painting
1325-it brush
1326-to insert a drawing "PCX"
1327-to publish Drive Surfaces
1328 shear it
1329-to separate a métafile
1330-to insert an image by point.
1331-to insert a métafichier.
1332-to degrade forms
1333-to pass in background
1334-L' thickness of line
1335-to insert an image
1336 it Quotation
1337-to stick the style
1338-to read again the bitmap
1339 it Comet
1340-to publish Comet
1341-to remove quotation
1342-to modify the scale
1343-to insert a drawing
1344-to cross with the chisel
1345-to join two ways
1346-to mask
1347-it spline quadratic
1348-curve it of Bézier
1349-Postscript importation
1350-to join
1351-it distribution
1352-good of Order
1353-L' shade
1354 it relief
1355-L' laser effect
1356-to continue in symmetry horizontal
1358-to convert into curve of Bezier
1359-to convert into halt sign
1360-to convert into flake of Van Koch
1361-it hatching
1362-to convert into flake of Vao Bird
1363-to remove Downstroke & Upstroke
1364-full & Untied
1365-it deformation
1366-it deformation rondoïde
1367-it equilateral triangle
1368-ring it of Apollonius
1369-it drawing of a compass
1370-them square overlapping
1371-it square and its diagonals
1372-it drawing of a square
1373-it spot of light
1374-L' aliasing
1375-L' interpolation
1376-to indicate the angles
1377-to remove To indicate the angles
1378-to add a cloud
1379-to distribute circles
1380-to add a flower
1381-to add an atom
1382 it spiral
1383 it parachute
1384 it Sun
1385 them cords
1386-to decontaminate the relief
1387 it drawing of a target
1388-to decontaminate the shade
1389-to decontaminate the light
1390-to create connectors
1391-to continue in return and shift
1392-drawing of the tangents
1393-milked them of cut
1394-L' posting of the collar
1395-L' posting in rubalise
1396-L' posting of the links
1397-L' posting without effect
1398-to divide the circle
1399-to change the lighting of the sphere
1401-Tramage of the image
1402-change of screen
1403 it polygon
1404-to return
1405 it disc
1406 ring it
1411-The moon with phase
1412-to create axes
1413-it perpendicular
1414-to reverse the direction
1415-it drawing of the staircase
1416-it negative of the screen
1417-it rotation weaves +90°
1418-it rotation weaves -90°
1419-it colorimetry of the screen
1420-it drawing of line with the screen
1421-it drawing of a form of revolution
1422-it drawing of oblong
1423-it drawing of the right angles
1424-it drawing of a circle at three points
1425-to separate the curve by two frameworks
1426-modification line - > horizontal
1427-modification line - > vertical
1428-modification line - > orthogonal
1429 it drawing of a cylinder
1430-to connect by rays
1431-to undulate
1432-Mathematical function X ²
1433-Mathematical function 1/x
1434-Mathematical function Sine (X)
1435-Mathematical function Cosine (X)
1436-Mathematical function Sin (X) *ln (X)
1437-Mathematical function ln (X)
1438-it function fractale rhombus
1439-it small rule
1440-them lines of hatchings
1441-it drawing of the bisectrix
1442-it drawing of the chamfer
1443-to segment
1445-&Longuor (1/10ème mm)
1446-&Longuor (centimetre)
1447-&Longuor (meter)
1451-it ray
1452-Mathematical function i.Cos (I)
1453-to transform into image by square
1456-Patché the screen
1457-to continue in symmetry vertical
1458-Automatic symmetry
1460-Cos hyperbolic
1461-L' extention of the line
1462-to place a line
1463-to fill
1466-L' posting of the spring
1467-L' posting of the caterpillar
1468-to thicken the curve
1469 it drawing of an arrow
1470-l' posting in spine.
1471-l' posting in rhombus
1473-relief multiple=
1600-Dialog name - C not relocates
1637-to DIALOG_cercle_repartir
1639-to d_guide_repartir
2048- (c) BL Logiciels - Version 4.5 - 1992-2008
2049-authors: Denis Bertin & Christophe Legalle, © 1992
2054-to confirm safeguard
2056-selectors 3.1
2057-pallet color
2059-number to cancel
2060-point Controls color
2061-to degrade fast
2062-pallet 256
2063-to move full form
2064-to save Métafile
2067-Fixed pallet
2071-other X
2072-other Y
2077-bars of activated icons
2080-Bitmap DIB
2081-attention: Erreur OLE codes = %s.
2082-topics of '
2083-words of '
2084-all topics
2085-Broad pallet
2086-Blue edge
2088-unit of the Coordinates
2089-rules Inch
2090-grid Inch
2091-Pas visible X
2092-Pas visible Y
2093-Pas magnetic X
2094-Pas magnetic Y
2097-right-hand side
2100-to see
2101-to open
2102-to modify...
2104-information Bubbles
2110-name of the copy:
2111-large tools
2112-editor of text
2113-small Ctrl Point
2114-with Rectangle
2115-large icon
2116-tally of the texts
2119-1/10 mm
2120-1/4 Inch
2121-1/8 Inch
2122-1/16 Inch
2123-1/32 Inch
2124-color of the Topic
2125-size not of control
2126-style of the buttons
2130-Conf Suppr
2131-Conf Annul
2132-Perso code
2135-enter a Reference:
2136-to &Ouvrir Document
2137-to post to find
2138-TLS will Dégra
2139-Nb will Dégra
2140-information unit
2141-easy way
2143-grid above
2144 red is it on the right! (00BBVVRR).
2145-to buy Vincent Draw
2146 it integral version allows
2147-lira and to safeguard your documents.
2148-to respect the royalties.
2149-Agisser in legality.
2152-range preserved the ends
2153-to post to copy HTML
2154-to post information
2155-to post Postscript
2156-to post index
2157-tally Page
2158-posting Internet
2159-character Internet
2160-image Internet
2161-format Image Internet
2163-with métatags
2164-Postscript export
2165-Owned Dialog
2166-quotation one by one
2167-Precise cursor
2168-Easy cursor
2169-selection facilitated
2170-direction of the vectors
2171-to post the check-points
2172-grid on line
2173-to post the splash screen
2174-symbol Origin
2175-Red & white rectangle
2176-symbol Enlarging
2177-Parallel handle
2178-point departure
2179-point of control
2181-pastille quotation
2182-pastille of displacement
2183-Parallel pastille
2184-Perpendicular pastille
2185-pastille rotation
2186-to post the center
2187-all symbols
2188-no of the symbols
2189-minis pictogram in the menus
2190-to save ato each time
2191-to open ato each time
2192-to increment the files ato each time
2193-to post the executives of the groups
2194-Magnetic point of control
4096-message of Vincent error
4097-Pas of assistance on this subject
4100 - not (S)
4101 - length =
4102-mm angle=
4103-Un circle
4104-Un right-angled with corners rounded
4105-Une ellipse
4107-Un right-angled
4108-Un disc
Window 4114-text
4119-Une symmetry
4121-Drive Surface
4123-filled (E)
4124-to assemble
4126-group of #
4127-paving of #
4129-Bitmap 24 bits:
4130 - WidthBytes=
4131 - Planes=
4132 - BitsPixel=
4133 - X
4134 - pts.
4135-text: (
4136-size =
4137-sorry, it is not a bitmap 24 bits.
4138-Click Right to change posting
4139-name of the Active plan
4140-to post that the active plan
4141-to re-elect a plan
4142-to remove a plan
4143-to add a plan
4144-to change the active plan
4145-to insert a plan
4146-all Visible plans
4147-all Invisible plans
4148-all Fast plans
4149-list of the police forces available...
4150-to modify the height of the police force
4151-to modify the italic of the police force
4152-to modify the width of the police force
4153-to modify the approach of the police force
4154- [609] Grid|To post points on the steps of the grid|
4155- [609] Grid|To modify the steps horizontally|
4156- [609] Grid|To modify the steps vertically|
4157- [609] Grid|To change the units of the grid|maybe of the mm, 10th mm,|1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 inch|
4158- [609] Grid|To make the grid of points magnetic active|
4159-touch Maj to copy in the clipboard
4160-double to click to insert this drawing
4161- [609] Grid|To use or not an isometric grid|
4162- [609] Grid|A button to modify easily|steps of the grid of reference mark and magnetic|
4163- [609] Grid|A button to move the steps|magnetic grid with the grid of reference mark|
4164- [609] Grid|A button to move the steps|grid of reference mark to the magnetic grid|
4165- [609] Grid|To select the color of the grid|To support with the left or right button of the mouse|
4166- [609] Grid|When this box is notched,|the grid is posted over the drawing|
4167- [609] Grid|To use this drop-down list to modify the display unit of the grid|
4168- [612] Bar of icon|To use one of these radio operator buttons to select a bar of icon,| then you can publish the components or the alignment of the bar in question|
4169- [612] Bar of icon|To use this check box to activate or not bars of icons|
4170- [612] Bar of icon|To use this check box to activate or not large icons|
4171- [612] Bar of icon|The list of the icons available, select one of these elements,| then to press on the button to add or insert|
4172- [612] Bar of icon|The useful list of the icons of the selected bar|Select one of these elements to insert some another or to remove it|
4173- [612] Bar of icon|This drop-down list makes it possible to modify|the position of the selected bar|
4174- [612] Bar of icon|This button makes it possible to add a component of the list of the icons|available towards the list of the icons of the selected bar|
4175- [612] Bar of icon|This button makes it possible to remove a component of the selected bar|
4176- [612] Bar of icon|This button makes it possible to insert a component of the list of the icons|available towards the list of the icons of the selected bar|This component is placed before the icon selected in the list of the active bar|
4178-Rect. rounded
4180-with arcs
Broken 4183-line
Hori 4187-symmetry
Verti 4188-symmetry
The 4199-moon
4200-Rect Inimitable
4203-ext. Ring
4204-ext. Triangle
4205-ext. Rhombus
4206-ext. Square
4207-ext. Plucks
Female 4208-catch
Male 4209-catch
4210-catch Ground
Water 4212-drop
4213-rectangle curvature
4215-rectangle arm
4217-block text
4218 - angle=
4219 - flat angle!
4220-to fill
4301-to move this copy upwards
4302-to move this copy downwards
4303-to combine the plans...
5999-these definitions and following the Beelog Copyright written by Denis Bertin.
6000- [611] Posting|Activate or decontaminates the line of state|
6001- [503] Safeguard|Activate or decontaminates the compressed recording|Vincent documents|The loading of the files is longer|with the compressed recording,|but the files are more compact|
6002- [521] Clipboard|Notch this box if you wish to insert|in the clipboard of the elements to the format bitmap,|when you carry out the Copier orders or To cross|
6003- [521] Clipboard|Notch this box if you wish to insert|in the clipboard of the elements to the vectorial format (metafile),|when you carry out the Copier orders or To cross|
6004- [503] Safeguard|When this box is notched, Vincent asks to confirm|the recording of the open documents during the closing of the applicatif. |
6005- [503] Safeguard|When this box is notched, Vincent records|in addition to one Vincent document (carrying the extension ". Teo")|a copy of help (carrying the extension ". Tbk"). |
6006- [503] Safeguard|When this box is notched, Vincent uses the dialogue boxes of opening|and of specific backup file Windows 3.1. |
6007- [611] Posting|When this box is notched, check-points of way of drawing|post yourself with different colors according to their type|
6008- [611] Posting|When this box is notched, the ranges are posted in fast mode|with a number of bands limited|Posting is thus faster|
6009- [611] Posting|When this box is notched, the objects do not post their contour|but only one rectangle during a displacement|
6010- [503] Safeguard|When this box is notched, Vincent uses his own dialogue of opening of the files|
6011- [611] Posting|When this box is notched Vincent manages a palette pure|Use this option only if you use a view 256 colors|
6012- [607] Posting|When this box is not notched|Vincent removes the fixed pallet|
6013- [607] Posting|Activate or decontaminates the large pallet|of floating color instead of the small one|
6014- [610] Posting|Activate or decontaminates posting|of a blue shade sunk around the document|
6015- [611] Posting|Activate or decontaminates the bars|of progression in bottom of the principal window|
6016- [611] Posting|Activate or decontaminates the large tools instead of small|
6017- [611] Posting|Activate or decontaminates the posting of small points at the ends|of each element contained in the groups|
6018- [611] Posting|Activate or decontaminates the posting of rectangles instead of contours,|when grouped elements are moved|
6019- [611] Posting|Activate or decontaminates posting|rectangles around the Windows texts|
6020- [520] Confirmations|When this box is notched Vincent|you asks to confirm the suppressions|
6021- [510] Confirmations|When this box is notched Vincent|you asks to confirm them "To cancel/Refaire". |
6022- [611] Posting|When this box is notched, the number posts|index of the check-points of the way of selected drawing|
6023- [611] Posting|When this box is notched, the framework of the page posts|with the format defined in small the option: to configure the page|
6024- [611] Option|Quotation one by one: With this option the adjustment of quotations|does not reflect itself during the drawing for each line|
6025- [611] Option|Facilitated selection: Allows to select the objects of the active copy closest to the cursor|Post also a framework into dotted which makes it possible to move the selection when the cursor flies over it|
6026- [611] Option|Direction of the vecteus, posts an arrow indicating the direction of the drawing|
6027- [501] Assistance|Post the assistance of Vincent corresponding to this dialog box|
6028- [941] Interval forms|To notch this box to carry out a range according to the Colour, the Light and Saturation|
6029- [941] Interval forms|Indicate the number of elements|desired intermediaries (between 3 and 600). |
6030- [704] Degraded|To choose the type wanted, parallel, circular, square, none|
6031- [704] Degraded|The stroboscopic option is available only for|circular and square ranges|the stroboscopic range is not exportable in postscript. |
6032- [704] Degraded|Indicate the thickness of each band|of range in 1/10ème Misters|Must be ranging between 1 and 1000. |
6033- [704] Degraded|Indicate in degrees for a range|parallel the slope of the bands|It must be ranging between 0 and 90 degrees|
6034- [704] Degraded|Indicate for a circular range or square the position of the center of the range|expressed as a percentage of the size of the block-rectangle which contains the element|
6035- [704] Degraded|To notch this box to carry out a range TLS. |By defect the ranges are RVB. |
6036- [703] Color|To click with the left button of the mouse to open the general pallet|To click with the right button of the mouse to open a chromatic wheel|
6037- [707] Quotation-Ends|To select the form of the ends for the Beginning and the End|line (in the order of the drawing). |
6038- [707] Quotation-Ends|Opposite direction of the ends of the Arrow type and Feather|
6039- [707] Quotation-Ends|Firm the contour of the ends of the Arrow type and Feather|
6040- [707] Quotation-Ends|Fills the ends with the active fill color|
6041- [707] Quotation-Ends|Post ends at the beginning and the end|of all the segments of a broken line|When this box is not notched only the first|and the last point of a broken line have a symbolized end|
6042- [707] Quotation-Ends|Place blocks at the beginning and the end of a quotation|
6043- [707] Quotation-Ends|Post the value of the dimension|
6044- [707] Quotation-Ends|Indicate the size of the ends in tenth of millimetre|
6045- [707] Quotation-Ends|Indicate the aperture of the Arrow ends and Feather|
6046- [707] Quotation-Ends|Indicate the length of the upper part|blocks in tenth of millimetre|
6047- [707] Quotation-Ends|Indicate the length of the lower part|blocks in tenth of millimetre|
6048- [707] Quotation-Ends|Indicate the distance from the text of the dimension to the line|of quotation, in tenth of millimetre|The negative values are allowed|
6049- [707] Quotation-Ends|Open the standard dialogue box Windows Polices|allowing to modify the bill of character|
6050- [707] Quotation-Ends|Open the Echelle dialogue box|allowing to configure the scale|dimension and its format|
6051- [900] To increase|Modification of the proportions horizontal and vertical|according to percentages indicated|
6052- [900] To increase|A horizontal and vertical displacement|compared to a distance indicated|
6053- [940] Sinusoid|The frequency of the sinusoid, affected by the translator|horizontal: it can vary from Pi/2 to 10 pi per step of Pi/2. |
6054- [940] Sinusoid|The amplitude of the sinusoid, thanks to the vertical elevator|
6055- [940] Sinusoid|Notch this box to have|the symmetry of the deformation|
6056- [940] Sinusoid|A zone allowing to visualize a sinusoidal projection|test applied to a rectangle having the same proportions|that the block selected and corresponding to the parameters given|
6057- [982] Gauges|A zone to post the selected gauge. Vincent seeks|initially a file bitmap or a WMF for a visualization|faster, if not a Vincent file (with extension ".TEO")|
6058- [982] Gauges|The Choisir list a gauge contains the name of the files|Vincent having to be used as gauge|
6059- [982] Gauges|The button Ouvrir gauge opens the selected file|
6060- [982] Gauges|The button Nouveau document closes the Gabarits dialogue box|and creates a new document (identical to the Nouveau order of small Fichier). |
6061- [982] Gauges|The button Ouvrir file closes the Gabarits dialogue box|and opens the Ouvrir dialogue box making it possible to open a document|
6062- [982] Gauges|The Ajouter button... opens the Ouvrir dialogue box allowing|to select a document to be added to the list of the gauges|
6063- [982] Gauges|The Enlever button... removes list|gauges the selected document|
6064- [982] Gauges|The button To close firm the dialogue box gauges|
6065- [982] Gauges|Notch this box to post the Gabarits dialogue box with the starting of Vincent|
6066- [982] Gauges|Notch this box to post the gauge selected in the prévisualisation. |
6067- [982] Gauges|The Choisir list a gauge contains the name of the files| available like gauge|
6068- [982] Gauges|The date and size of the gauge selected in Kilobyte|
6069- [521] Clipboard|Provisional storage section of object cut (S) or copied (S). |You can stick the contents of the Clipboard in the documents|Vincent or in a document of another Windows application|
6070- [611] Posting|What you want to post or not|
6071- [503] Safeguard|What you want to record or not|
6072- [900] Confirmations|What you want to confirm or not|Vincent posts a message of confirmation then|
6073- [528] To select on|One or more of these attributes|The thickness is in tenth of Misters|
6074- [528] To select on|One of these type of object. |
6075- [528] To select on|Notch this box to add to the selection|If not to replace the selection by the objects|corresponding to the desired criterion|
6076- [900] Information|X and Y indicate the coordinates of|edges left and high of the selected element|
6077- [900] Information|X' and Y' indicate the coordinates of|flat rims and low of the selected element|
6078- [900] Information|L and H indicate the width and the height|selected element|
6079- [900] Information|MM, CM, Inch and 1440è post values X, Y, X', Y', L and H|respectively in millimetres, centimetres, inches and 1/1440 of inch|
6080- [900] Information|Colors: indicate the colors of contour, basic and of range with theirs|respectively red, green and blue components RVB|
6081- [900] Information|Post the thickness of the line in tenth of Misters|
6082- [900] Information|Post information according to the selected object|
6083- [703] Pallet of the colors|Vincent places at your disposal 8 pallets of 16 colors|each one, which you can modify and record|
6084- [703] Pallet of the colors|The vertical defilor on the left of the dialogue box|gives access the 8 pennies pallets|
6085- [703] Pallet of the colors|Six horizontal défileurs allowing to modify them|components Red, Green, and Blue or Colour,|the Light and the Saturation of a selected color|
6086- [703] Pallet of the colors|You permez to define a color according to|model CMYB like the references Pantone (MT). |
6087- [703] Pallet of the colors|A chromatic wheel, modify the luminosity with the elevator on the right. |Click on the chromatic wheel to choose a color|
6088- [Navy] Marine spin button|To support on me of high in bottom,|On the center, to remain to support, then to move from top to bottom mouse|Supervise the color of the center|
6089- [505] Impression|100%: it is the scale of impression per defect|
6090- [505] Impression|to notch this option to print a document|on a scale lower than 100%. |
6091- [505] Impression|Adjusted in the page: when this option is notched,|Vincent adapts the scale of the document to make it hold on only one page|
6092- [505] Impression|Covering: to indicate in the case of the impression of a document|on several pages (Definite option) a margin of covering in millimetres|
6093- [505] Impression|Rapid: carry out a fast impression|A fast impression is identical to posting obtained|with the order fast Posting of small the Options|
6094- [505] Impression|Centered: center the document on (or them) the printed pages|
6095- [505] Impression|Nom+Date: print the name of the file,|the date and the hour of the system at the time of the impression|
6096- [505] Impression|Features of cut: print horizontal features|and vertical at the ends of the document|
6097- [505] Impression|Nests of swallow: outside print reference marks and halfway|horizontal and vertical ends of the document|
6098- [505] Impression|Selection: print to only it (S) elements (S)|selected (S) in the active window of drawing|
6099- [505] Impression|To indicate here the number of desired impressions|
6100- [505] Impression|It is about a box combo-box indicating the name of|the active printer and the list of the printers|available accessible while clicking on the button arrow|
6101- [505] Impression|The name of the printer file|
6102- [986] Polygon|Options (Star, Polygon, Ray, Spline, District): |Specify the type of object respectively to be drawn|
6103- [986] Polygon|many branches (for a star or a beam of rays),|or the number on sides for a polygon|
6104- [986] Polygon|Ring interior: cut interior circle|expressed as a percentage of the size of star|
6105- [986] Polygon|swing angle. The buttons 0°, 30°, 45°... |affect these values standards automatically|
6106- [986] Comet|The group of Point options makes it possible to define|the shape of the basic elements of the mouchetage. |
6107- [986] Comet|The free Angle option makes it possible to put in rotation|basic elements of the mouchetage according to random angles|The Multiple option makes it possible to combine all the forms|
6108- [986] Comet|The Valide option, when it is notched, makes it possible to publish values|of progression of the beginning towards the end of the initial free-hand drawing|
6109- [986] Comet|Number: corresponds to the number of basic elements|to generate around each initial point|
6110- [986] Comet|Ray comet: indicate the ray, in 1/10ème of millimetre,|scattering around the initial point|
6111- [986] Comet|Ray points: indicate the ray, in 1/10ème of millimetre of each basic element,|i.e. size of the basic elements. |
6112- [505] Impression|Open the dialogue box of printer setup|This dialogue box makes it possible to configure the active printer|
6113- [942] References|The Mots-clé list available contains all the key words|available for all the documents|
6114- [942] References|The Mots-clés list of the document contains the key words|allotted to the document in progress. |
6115- [942] References|The Commentaire zone makes it possible to publish|a comment for the active document|For example, the name of the author, the creation date... |
6116- [942] References|The Ajouter button allows the seizure of new|key words which are added to this list|Double-to click on a Key word available the additions in|the list of the Key words of the document|
6117- [942] References|The Enlever button removes list a selected key word|
6118- [942] References|Seek all the existing key words on all the discs|
6119- [942] References|The Ajouter button located under this list adds to the list|the key word selected in the list key Words available|
6120- [943] To seek/Références|The list Key words to be sought contains|all key words to be sought. |
6121- [943] To seek/Références|The button To add, adds the Key word available|selected with the list of the Key words to seek|
6122- [943] To seek/Références|The button Ts A. adds all the Key words available|with the list of the Key words to be sought|
6123- [943] To seek/Références|One of the words, makes it possible to seek the documents having|at least one of the key words among the key words to be sought|
6124- [943] To seek/Références|All the words, makes it possible to seek the documents having|all key words of the list Key words to be sought|
6125- [943] To seek/Références|The heading, From the repertory, makes it possible to specify the repertory or the disc|of departure of research: research will be carried out in the repertory|indicated thus that in all under repertories|
6126- [943] To seek/Références|The button "..." open the Choisir dialogue box a repertory|allowing to select a disc and/or a repertory for research|
6127- [610] To configure the page|Other: to indicate in the zones "X: " and "Y: " desired values|in millimetres, respectively horizontal and vertical|
6128- [610] To configure the page|Surface impression: give to the document the format surface|printable of the paper configured for the printer|The other options make it possible to select a standard size|
6129- [610] To configure the page|To configure printing: open the box|of dialogue Printer setup|
6130- [610] To configure the page|Portrait and Landscape give respectively|with the document vertical and horizontal orientation|
6131- [504] Cliparts|To use the horizontal translator if several|boards correspond to the word of the dictionary|
6132- [504] Cliparts|Double-to click on an element|to stick it on its document|
6133- [504] Cliparts|To activate the button See (or double-to click on a word of the dictionary)|to post a reduced sight of the document containing the element|graph corresponding to the selected word|
6134- [504] Cliparts|To activate the button To open for|to open the file to select|
6135- [504] Cliparts|This list contains all the entries (words)|associated with the cliparts. To click on a word to post|in the list of right-hand side associated words or topics|
6136- [504] Cliparts|While clicking on a word of the list of the words/topics|associated one finds his entry in the list of left|as well as the new words associated in the list with right-hand side|
6137- [504] Cliparts|One can seize a word with the keyboard: |the first characters of the word can be enough|
6138- [702] Attributes of drawing|Thickness of contour: indicate in tenth of millimetre|the thickness of the contour of the selected element|
6139- [702] Attributes of drawing|To close: to notch this box if it (S) element (S) selected (S)|must be closed, i.e. painted| To decontaminate if the elements should not be painted|
6140- [702] Attributes of drawing|Mode of layout: the mode of painting defines. This mode determines|the manner according to which interiors of the objects and their contours|are combined with the existing colors on the surface of posting|
6141- [702] Attributes of drawing|Filling: the way defines in which are filled the assembled drawings|
6142- [702] Attributes of drawing|Fund: determine if the bottom of a block of Windows text must be opaque (painted)|or transparency (i.e. to let appear the objects placed in lower part). |
6143- [702] Attributes of drawing|The attribute Masks pemet to make visible one or more|elements (drawing, bitmap, Vincent text) only inside|of an element of drawing or a Vincent text with which it is () are grouped (S). |
6144- [701] Attributes of Vincent text|The list of the police forces available... |
6145- [701] Attributes of Vincent text|Size, expressed in points Didot (1 point didot = 0,3759 mm),|can have a value from 1 to 999 points|
6146- [701] Attributes of Vincent text|The italic can vary -45° with +45°. |A negative value carries out a italisation towards the left|
6147- [701] Attributes of Vincent text|The width, expressed as a percentage, corresponds to an enlarging|or with a reduction of the width of the characters|It must be ranging between 5% and 1000%. |
6148- [701] Attributes of Vincent text|The approach, which is the distance separating the characters (also called kerning),|height of the characters is expressed as a percentage|It must be ranging between -50% and 100%. |
6149- [701] Attributes of Vincent text|This dialogue box makes it possible to modify the attributes|of one (or several) text (S) selected Vincent (S). |
6150- [707] Quotation-Ends|Post the signs arrow on the segments of lines alone|
6151- [708] Shade|Post a shade when this box is notched|
6152- [708] Shade|To move the needle to indicate| direction taken by the shade|
6153- [708] Shade|Determine the longor of the shade|
6154- [708] Shade|Determine the shift of the shade|
6155- [709] Rotation|Axis Z leaves the screen towards the observer|It is the rotation of a sheet on a table|
6156- [709] Rotation|Axis X is horizontal, it is pitching|
6157- [709] Rotation|The axis Y is vertical, it is rolling|
6158- [709] Rotation|Rotation by step of 5°. |
6159- [709] Rotation|Rotation by step of 10°. |
6160- [709] Rotation|Rotation by step of 15°. |
6161- [709] Rotation|Adjustment of the break point|
6162- [710] Relief|Post the relief when this box is notched|
6163- [710] Relief|Determine the distance on which the relief deviates|
6164- [710] Relief|To move the needle to indicate| direction taken by the relief|
6165- [710] Relief|Indicate the light emitted by|facets approaching the break point|
6166- [710] Relief|Indicate the light emitted by the facets|moving away from the break point|
6167- [711] Laser|To press on this button to open the laser pallet|To click then on one of the lines to choose the desired effect|
6168- [986] Polygon|This option inserts check-points spline into the place of the lines|
6169- [986] Polygon|To use this option to test what that gives|
6170- [991] Line|To insert a symbol on the center of the line|
6171- [991] Line|Place a symbol rings on the center of the line|
6172- [991] Line|Place a rectangular symbol on the center of the line|
6173- [991] Line|Place a symbol box at arrow on the center of the line|
6174- [991] Line|Place a right-angled symbol at corners rounded on the center of the line|
6175-circle|Draw a circle or ellipse by district|
6176-circle|Draw a perfect circle according to a centre and|
6177-circle|This option draws a translucent disc|You can change his color into clicking on the pallet in bottom of the screen|The menu popup accessible with the right button from the mouse also makes it possible to choose its thickness|
6178-circle|This option draws a translucent ring (a torus). |You can change his color into clicking on the pallet in bottom of the screen|The menu popup accessible with the right button from the mouse also makes it possible to choose its thickness|
6179-circle|To add the axes to the drawn circle|
6180-circle|Draw a circle and lines laid out like formerly the ORTF. |
6181-circle|Draw two concentric circles|Practical to make a hollow wheel|To then move with the tool arrow the respective rays|
6182-circle|Draw petals in repetition|
6183- [991] Line|Width in tenth of mm of the symbol|
6184-untied|Dépacer cursors horizontally|To less modify the amplitude of the curve with the keys|
6185-untied|Prévisualisation of the curve|
6186-untied|Projection according to a linear progression|
6187-untied|Projection according to a progression determined by a curve|
6188- [712] Light|Post the light effect when this box is notched|
6189- [712] Light|Break up the segments depending on 2 states, posted or not|
6190- [712] Light|Determine the light of each segment according to lines parralèlles with the direction indicated|
6191- [712] Light|Determine the light of each segment according to lines which meet at the desired distance| (slower but preferable.)|
6192- [712] Light|Indicate the distance to which the lines meet when the oblique radio operator button is notched|
6193- [712] Light|Post rectangles for each pixel of the drawing|
6194- [712] Light|Post circles for each pixel of the drawing|
6195- [712] Light|To click here to choose the color of the light|
6196- [712] Light|To move the arrow of direction while clicking with the mouse within this framework|To maintain the Ctrl key supported to direct it by step of 5°. |
6197- [708] Shade|Post an impossible shade in reality|
6198-angle|Post the angle in degrees (0-360). |
6199-angle|Post the angle in ranks (0-400). |
6200-angle|To post measurement at the distance indicated|
6201-circle|To indicate the number of objects to be posted|
6202-circle|The ray of the objects is a proportion of this coefficient|
6203-circle|To choose among one as of these figures to draw|
6204-spiral|To indicate the number of objects to be posted|
6205-spiral|To indicate the number of quadrant|
6206-spiral|To indicate the number of objects to be posted|
6207- [510] Levels of cancellation|From 0 on 20 possible levels of cancellation|Possibility of cancelling up to 20 actions|
6208- [950] Line|The Ligne button... opens the dialogue box|Thickness of line allowing|to configure 4 thicknesses of lines|
6209- [611] Ellipse|When this box is notched, the drawing of the ellipse starts in top|
6210- [611] Ellipse|When this box is notched, the drawing of the ellipse starts on the right. |
6211- [611] Ellipse|When this box is notched, the drawing of the ellipse starts in bottom|
6212- [611] Ellipse|When this box is notched, the drawing of the ellipse starts on the left. |
6213- [986] Star|Draw a translucent star with a certain number of branches|
6214-cord|To indicate the proportions to be applied|
6215-cord|To indicate the number of repetitions to be applied|
6216-cord|To apply the cord effect on the left of the segments|
6217-cord|To apply the cord effect on the line of the segments|
6218-cord|To apply the cord effect on the left of the segments|
6219-cord|To reverse the effect|
6220-cord|simplified method of calculating|
6221-cord|complex method of calculating|
6222-cord|To fill the selected form,|then while clicking on the palette you can choose another color|
6223-cord|To use an alternative method of filling or not|
6224-cord|To post the line of contour of the selected element|
6225-target|To indicate the number of concentric circles|
6226-target|To indicate so only concentric circles will post themselves|
6227-target|To so indicate sectors in the shape of arcs will post themselves|
6228-target|To so indicate sector in the Camembert cheese shape will post themselves|
6229-target|To indicate the number of sectors|
6230-target|To indicate if the drawing is accompanied by the relief effect! |
6231-target|To indicate if you want to remove the basic segment. |
6232-spiral|To indicate if the spiral is composed of circle|
6233-spiral|To indicate if the spiral is composed of square|
6234-spiral|To indicate if the spiral is composed of rhombus|
6235- [941] Interval forms|To notch this box to carry out a range according to the Red, the Green and Blue|
6236- [941] Interval forms|To notch this box to carry out a range according to the Cyan, the Magenta, and the Yellow|
6237- [988]|Interpolation|Indicate the number of desired intermediate elements (between 3 and 600). |
6238- [988]|Interpolation|To notch this box to preserve the colors of end and the starting elements|
6239- [988]|Interpolation|To notch this box to rather mix the colors according to model HLS than RVB. |
6240- [988]|Interpolation|To define the intermediate colors of passage|Click to pose, move, recolorer. |
6241- [988]|Interpolation|The previsualisation posts in real-time the variations of color|
6242- [941] Interval forms|To notch this box to carry out a Purple range Sangin and Vert. |
6243- [941] Interval forms|To notch this box to carry out a Magenta and Green Blue range with undulations|
6244- [991] Line|To draw a line with or without symbol|
6245- [991] Line|To draw a connector in the place of a line|
6246- [991] Line|The connector is divided into two on its horizontal medium|
6247- [991] Line|The connector is divided into two on its vertical medium|
6248- [991] Line|The connector divides with right angles|
6249- [991] Line|The connector divides with oblique angles|
6250- [991] Line|The connector is composed of flexible curve|
6251-return & shift|To indicate a horizontal shift|
6252-return & shift|To indicate a vertical shift|
6253-return & shift|To indicate if the drawing must fill|
6254-angle|To post measurement outside the polygon|
6255-angle|To post measurement inside the polygon|
6256-return & shift|To indicate the number of repetition to be carried out|
6257-circle|Draw a cone seen of top with subdivisions|
6258-circle|To indicate the number of subdivisions wished|
6259-circle|Draw a spiral: a form which deviates more and more from its center|
6260-circle|To indicate the number of convolution of the spiral|
6261-circle|Draw a half sphere with a skeletal lighting|
6262-Half-sphere|This elevator defines the horizontal position of the light on the sphere|
6263-Half-sphere|This elevator defines the driving position of the light on the sphere|
6264-Half-sphere|This elevator determines the size pourcent effect of lighting of it|
6265-Tramage|Number of interval of the screen (the size of the elements determines). |
6266-Tramage|Monochromic: each element becomes a colour of gray|Result of the average light of the points which it recovers|
6267-Tramage|Color: each element becomes average color of the points which it recovers|
6268-Tramage|If this box is notched the screen is square instead of being round|
6269-Camembert cheese|It is a sector if the distance is equal to zero|If not an arc of circle draws|
6270-Camembert cheese|Measure angle of this sector|So equal to zero, cutting finishes|The angles are in degrees (°) or to be precise for-thousand (°). |
6271-Camembert cheese|The angles are in degrees (0° with 360°). |
6272-Camembert cheese|The angles are in for-thousand (0 ° with 1000 °). |
6273-Camembert cheese|If this box is selected, posts a shade for each sector|
6274-Tramage|If this box is notched the screen is stored in a buffer|Preferable if the resolution is important|This option is notched by defect when the resolution is higher than 50|
6275-circle|Draw the moon with options of lighting|
The 6276-moon|Adjustment of the lunar phase|suggested horizontal displacement|
The 6277-moon|Adjustment of suggested vertical displacement|
The 6278-moon|Adjustment of melted between the clear part and the dark part|
The 6279-moon|Option of solarization impossible to observe in reality|
The 6280-moon|This option posts a digitized image of the moon|
The 6281-moon|This option makes it possible to colour the moon artificially|
The 6282-moon|This option posts the dark part with an absolute black|
6283-cylinder|Modulate the diameter of the cylinder|Only this option required to press on the key to apply for updated the layout|
6284-cylinder|Modification of the drawing of the starting end in the form of plan|
6285-cylinder|Modification of the drawing of the starting end with a round form|
6286-cylinder|Modification of the drawing of the starting end with a conical form|
6287-cylinder|Modification of the drawing of the end of end in the form of plan|
6288-cylinder|Modification of the drawing of the end of end with a round form|
6289-cylinder|Modification of the drawing of the end of end with a conical form|
6290-cylinder|Adjustment of the positioning of the light in degree|
6291-cylinder|Color of the cylinder, to click with the left button: post the pallet|To click with the right button to post a chromatic wheel|
6292-ellipse|To click here to obtain a monochromic spiral|The volutes are of one only dyes, but more or less luminous|
6293- [611] Cursor|More precise: post a finer cursor to draw|
6294- [611] Cursor|Easier: post an approximate cursor|
6295- [501] Ok|Firm this dialogue box and records all the modification carried out|
6296- [501] To cancel|Firm this dialogue box without recording the modifications carried out|
6297- [501] Assistance|Post the assistance of Vincent corresponding to this dialog box|
6298- [611] Units|The Unités button... opens the Unités dialogue box used allowing for choice of|the unit (mm or inch) for the posting of the rules on the one hand,|coordinates and surface on the line of state in addition. |
6299- [505] Impression|To notch this box to print a squaring corresponding to the step of the grid|
6300- [505] Impression|To notch this box to print the guides (line of assistance). |
6301- [992] Staircase|Allows to indicate the number of steps to be drawn|
6302- [992] Staircase|Indicate the angle which each walk will form|
6303- [992] Staircase|Draw only lines|
6304- [992] Staircase|Draw sector on right board for each walk|
6305- [992] Staircase|Draw sectors on round board for each walk|
6306- [992] Staircase|If this option is notched, Ajout of two circles of construction|
6307- [992] Staircase|If you click here, you can change the color of contour of the steps|
6308- [992] Staircase|If you click here, you can change the fill color of the steps|
6309- [992] Staircase|With this option, the color of contour and that of filling are identical|
6310- [992] Staircase|With this option, a certain variation of the luminosity is allotted to each walk|
6311- [992] Staircase|With this option, the staircase is cut out in the rectangle which contains it|
6312- [992] Staircase|If this box is notched, then the two segments of right-hand side of construction are removed|
6313- [992] Staircase|indicate the number of steps to be drawn|
6314-surface of revolution|Many stages to be generated|
6315-surface of revolution|With this option, only of the lines are drawn|
6316-surface of revolution|With this option, a surface of revolution is generated|
6317-surface of revolution|With this option, the luminosity of the facets is skeletal with a needle. |
6318-surface of revolution|With this option, surface varies from 0 to pi, if not 0 to PI/2. |
6319-surface of revolution|To click with the mouse to modify the position of the angle of incidence of the light|
6320-surface of revolution|To click with the left button or the right button of the mouse|to determine the color of the surface of revolution|
6321-surface of revolution|To notch this option to include surface in a buffer|This accelerates the treatment because only one memory allocation is necessary for all the polygons|
6322-surface of revolution|With this option, the color of each facet depends on its orientation|
6323-surface of revolution|With this option, generated surface is illuminated according to the position of each polygon around the center|
6324-surface of revolution|With this option, generated surface is illuminated according to the distance from each polygon composing it with the axis of rotation|
6325- [529] To increase|To select this option to increase only the selection of the active copy|
6326- [529] To increase|To select this option to increase all the objects of the active copy|
6327- [529] To increase|To select this option to increase all the objects of all the copies|
6328- [529] To increase|To indicate in this box, percentage wanted to increase (>100%) or to reduce (<100> 6329- [529] To increase|To indicate in this box, percentage wanted to increase (>100%) or to reduce (<100> 6330- [532] To move|To select this option to move only the selection of the active copy|
6331- [532] To move|To select this option to move all the objects of the active copy|
6332- [532] To move|To select this option to move all the objects of all the copies|
6333- [532] To move|To indicate in this box, the value of horizontal displacement in tenth of mm (1/10mm). |
6334- [532] To move|To indicate in this box, the value of vertical displacement in tenth of mm (1/10mm). |
6335- [611] Not of control|To modify the size of the check-points (of many pixels). |
6336- [528] To select on|One or more of these attributes|If a symbol of quotation is positioned|
6337-surface of revolution|Percentage of light|
6338-to fill|This radio operator button makes it possible to use the Floodfill. function|
6339- [703] Color|To notch this box to post creepage distance|
6340- [710] Relief|To post creepage distances to the intersections|
6341- [986] Polygon|Pentagon a regular polygon with five with dimensions|
6342- [986] Polygon|Hexagon a regular polygon with six with dimensions|
6343- [986] Polygon|Heptagon a regular polygon with seven with dimensions|
6344- [986] Polygon|Octagone a regular polygon with eight with dimensions|
6345- [986] Polygon|Ennéagone a regular polygon with nine with dimensions|
6346- [986] Polygon|Decagon a regular polygon with ten with dimensions|
6347- [713] Hatching|Post these parameters when this box is notched|
6348- [713] Hatching|Post the parameters of the cross hatchings|
6349- [713] Hatching|Determine spacing between the hatchings in 1/10ème of millimetre|
6350- [713] Hatching|Indicate if the hatchings are drawn with indents|
6351- [713] Hatching|The hatchings are segments of right-hand side independent of the form to be filled|
6352- [713] Hatching|The hatchings are segments of right-hand side associated with the form to be filled|
6353- [905] Texture|To click on the list to choose a texture|To use the directional keys of the keyboard haut-bas to traverse it|
6354- [905] Texture|Post a miniature of texture selected|
6355- [905] Texture|Move the cursor on the first texture having the aspect of the stone|
6356- [905] Texture|Move the cursor on the first texture having the aspect of wood|
6357- [905] Texture|Move the cursor on the first texture having the aspect of metal|These textures metal have a uniform color néanmois this one is allotted in Persistence export off Vision|
6358- [505] Impression|You can use the modern drivers with|this option which uses the engine of the prévisualisation. |
6359- [982] Gauges|Notch this box to select this gauge with automatic opening|
6360- [982] Gauges|Notch this box to decontaminate the opening of an automatic gauge|This box is active if a gauge is already selected|
6361- [982] Gauges|To indicate here the space which the gauge in pixel will occupy|
6362- [982] Gauges|To regulate the provision of this panel with the list of alignment|
6363- [609] Grid|Roast on line, with this option the grid is drawn with segments of right-hand side pluôt that points|
6364- [703] Colorimetry|To adjust the curve of the red channel|
6365- [703] Colorimetry|To adjust the curve of the green channel|
6366- [703] Colorimetry|To adjust the curve of the blue channel|
6367- [703] Colorimetry|To adjust the curves of the three channels|
6368- [703] Colorimetry|To post or not a grid of reference mark|
6369- [502] File|to see the repertory in the order of creation or sorted by order aphabétique. |
6370- [502] File|List repertories or files|The pictograms on the left make it possible to differentiate them|
6371- [502] File|To press on this button to post the various discs available|
6372- [502] File|To press on this button to go back to the preceding file|It is not active any more when you are with the root|
6373- [502] File|These buttons post the way until the active repertory|If you click on one two it becomes the active repertory|
6374- [704] Degraded|A small rule of positioning of the intermediate colors|
6375- [704] Degraded|A previsualisation which makes it possible to post the range|
6376- [991] Line|The placement mode makes it possible to pose segments of right-hand side with a length and a predetermined direction|
6377- [991] Line|The connector is composed of flexible curve|
6378- [991] Line|The connector is drawn with right angles|
6379- [991] line|To add a guide after the drawing|
6380- [991] line|To add an orthogonal guide after the drawing|
6381- [991] line|To move the needle to indicate a direction|
6382- [991] line|Draw staircases|
6383- [991] line|Indicate the number of walk|
6384- [710] Relief|To click here to post a small rule with colors|
8192-message of error
8193-Pas of assistance on this subject.
8194-cast iron nonpresent. Do you want to check the access path in the Fontes section of VINCENT.INI?
8195-closing of Vincent.
8196-block notes (NOTEPAD.EXE) not present.
8197-cast iron nonpresent or insufficient memory.
8198-this value must be included/understood between %ld and %ld.
8199 it file %s already exists! Do you want to replace it?
8200 it text '%0.60s' is untraceable.
8201-to replace the selection?
8202-Pas enough of memory!
8203-to convert the ASCII text towards ANSI?
8204-file Too bulky.
8205-impossible to ouvir the File.
8206 it cast iron '%s' initially selected is not available. Choose another cast iron.
8207-impossible to stick drive surface.
8208-impossible to stick the bitmap.
8209 métafichier is not redimensionnable. Impossible to stick it.
8210-error of writing on disc.
8211 I did not find anything in the file:
8212-impossible to create a bitmap.
8213 it is not a file bitmap Windows.
8214-no vectorial drawing recognized in the métafile.
8215 - was modified. Do you want to save?
8216-impossible to print.
8217-impossible to find this component.
8218 it is not a file accepted by Vincent.
8219-error of access.
Impossible 8220-initialization.
8221-attempt of reading after the end.
8222-impossible to write.
8223-reading of an object not listed.
8224-writing of an object not listed.
8225-impossible to open:
8226-message of error:
Invalid 8227-safeguard.
8228-no selected object.
8229 it is not a Vincent pallet.
8230-to remove all the guides?
8231-to remove all the deformations?
8232-to cancel:
8233-to remake:
8234-Vincent recognizes the monochromic PCX, 256 colors standard type 5,16,7M colors 5.
8235-format of unknown TGA.
8236 it is not a file TGA True Color 24 bits.
8237 I do not find the file:
8238 it is not a file métafile.
8239-Handle of métafile invalid.
8240-Trop of points to carry out the order to assemble!
8241-version shareware, the icons will not be recorded.
8242 them BeL Icons are currently decontaminated. To start again Vincent to reinstall them.
8243-to remove quotation?
8244 it copy contains elements. Do you confirm the suppression?
8245-impression: interruption by the application
8246-impression: interruption by the user
8247-impression: not enough of place disc
8248-impression: not enough of memory.
8249-impression: Error of the spooler
8250-Déjà an impression in progress!
8251-impression: impossible to create the function of cancellation
8252-impression: impossible to create the dialogue
8253-Pas of impression in progress
8254-Déjà an impression in progress
8255-to remove the selection
8256 codes it recording is not valid!!!
8257-recording of the file bitmap invalid.
8258-impossible to stick the DIB, lacks memory.
8259-impossible to stick the DIB, it is not one 16 or 24 bits.
Do you 8260-want to remove '%s'?
Do you 8261-want to distribute the elements regularly?
8262-impossible to write the BMP!
8263-impossible to read the BMP!
8264-impossible to write the TGA!
8265-impossible to read the TGA!
8266-impossible to carry out the program
8267 it is not a valid serial number
8268 it is not a bitmap 24 bits.
Do you 8269-confirm the suppression of %s element (S)?
8270 it code is correct, personalization is finished.
Do you 8271-want to stop research?
8272-impossible to find the file '%s'!.
8273-impossible to find the file '%s'!. Insert the CD-ROM Vincent.
8274-to write a metafile redimensionnable?
8275-Vincent not recorded, cannot record more than 50 files.
8276-impossible to add to the gauge a file on a diskette.
8277-impossible to add to the gauge a file 'Without Name'.
8278 it is necessary as a preliminary to open a window!
8279-this function is not available in the version of evaluation...
8280-to yes join the end to the answer beginning or the fine one towards fine the answer not?
8281-to post the result in the explorer? if it is already open to support on bringing up to date.
8282-to post the result in GSview?
8283 you can see the result in GhostView, more information?
8284 you can see the result in the bill-poster of Windows?
8285-want to be read the ASCII file téo?
8286-reading of a file written by a later version of Vincent! ...
8287-Trop of points to be calculated.
8288-want to open this file htm with Internet Explorer?
8289-Pas enough of points for this projection...
8290-Trop of point for this projection...
8291-to remove the downstroke and upstroke effect?
8292-this order is not active, do you want to see the assistance?
8293-second reading of the image... ok!
8294-to activate the grayed menus, this makes it possible to post information on the menus which would not be active normally.
8295-to decontaminate the entries of the menu when they are not available...
8296-in the clipboard...
8297-to decontaminate the relief?
8298-to decontaminate the shade?
8299-to decontaminate the light?
8300-connectors on all the segments?
8301-to remove the connectors?
8302-%s axis (S) to create, do you Want to group them with the selection?
Do you 8303-want to create guides?
Do you 8304-want to group the %s walk (S)?
8305-impossible to draw a surface of revolution with this contour!
Do you 8306-want to combine the plans to obtain only one from them?
Do you 8307-want to combine the files to obtain only one from them?
Do you 8308-want to yes see it in the form of drawing answer or of text answer not?
Do you 8309-want to color this fractal?
Do you 8310-want graduations in millimetres?
Do you 8311-want a small rule indépendente?
8312 outdistances it in advance cursor is null!
Do you 8313-want gears with curves of Bézier Oui answer or curves cubic Non answer?
8314 it software Persistence off Vision is not installed on your computer! Do you want to download it?
Do you 8315-want to add the buttons?
Do you 8316-want to use an algorithm of sorts facets?
Do you 8317-want to color the facets?
8318-to select one or more element before exporting it!
Do you 8319-want to confirm not to want to open this file \042%s\042 gauge with launching?
Do you 8320-want to remove the file %s gauges?
8321 it function %s cannot apply to the selection!
Contextual 8704-order...
8707-&Annuler paving
8709-&Editer paving...
to 8710-&Remplir
to 8711-&Ouvrir
8715-&Suppr. horizontal symmetry
8716-&Suppr. vertical symmetry
8719-&Suppr. deformations...
8720-&Drive Surface...
8721-&Séparer Métafile
8722-&Copier DIB
8723-&Editer sinusoid...
8724-&Entre Two...
8726-&Editer Bitmap
8730-&Suppr. quotation
8731-&Eclater Text
8732-&Fonte quotation...
8733-&Ole run...
8737--> &Anneau
8738--> &Disque
8739-&Rayon ²
8742-haut right
8743-haut left
8744-bas right
8745-bas left
8747-symmetry &Horizontal
8748-symmetry &Vertical
8749-&Continuer in
8750-to convert into a &Bezier
8751-to convert into panel of &Stop
8752-&Relier circles
let us 8753-&Flocons of Van Koch
let us 8754-&Flocons of Vao Bird
8755-&Plein and Délié...
8756-&Supprimer Downstroke and Upstroke
8757-&Triangle equilateral
8758-&Cercle of apollonius
8760-&Carré perfect
8761-square with &Diagonale
&Imbriqué 8762-square
8763-&Boussole: the axis and arrow
8764-&Boussole with graduation
8766-to add a &Cercle
luminous 8767-&Spot...
8769-&Indiquer angles...
8770-&Supprimer To indicate the angles
8771-&Ajouter a cloud
8772-&Cercle distribution...
8773-&Dessin of a spiral...
8774-to add a &Flor
8775-to add a &Atome
8776-to add a &Parachute
8777-to add a &Soleil
8778-to add a &Corde
8780-&Annuler relief...
8781-&Une Target....
8782-&Annuler shade...
8783-&Annuler the light...
8784-&Créer of the connectors
8785-&Suppprimer connectors
8786-&Retour and Décalage...
8787-&Une sheet
8788-&Parameter of the sphere...
8790-&Ajouter tangents
8791-&Créer a screen...
8792-&Diviser the circle...
8793-&Ajouter of the shades
8794-&Dessin of a cylinder...
8795-&Trame Circular
8796-screen &Carré
8797-screen &Losange
8798-screen horizontal &Relier
8799-screen To connect &Total
&Négative 8800-screen
8801-Sym. &Horizontal
8802-Sym. &Vertical
8803-rotation +90°
8805-&Phase of the moon
8807-&Créer of the axes
8814-&Angle right
8815-&Ligne Vertical
8816-&Générer with the profile...
8817-&Séparer the screen
8818-drawing of oblong
8819-drawing of a circle 3 points
Automatic 8820-quotation
8821-to erase the horizontal guides?
8822-to erase the vertical guides?
Pointed 8823-hat...
8824-to generate vectors
8825-to extrude the drawing
8826-to connect to the center
8827-to reverse direction drips
Mono 8828-drop/multi color (S)
8829-to undulate
8830-to distribute on Copies
8832-to radiate
8833-with the copies
8834-to activate a copy
8835-to send on a copy
8836-to distribute contours with the hazard
8837-only active copy becomes visible
8838-all the copies become visible.
8839-to send the selection on a new copy
8840-to fill of line vertical with a space
8841-to fill of line horizontal with a space
8842-small rule
8843-drawing of a bisectrix
8847-line space
8848-to round
8849-to transform into image by point
8850-to transform into image by square
8861-nuclear power
8863-to add to the screen
Isosceles 8864-triangle
8865-rotation more 15°
8866-rotation less 15°
8867-rotation more 5°
8868-rotation less 5°
8869-to duplicate selection on a new copy
8870-intersection of the polygons
8871-Multi-mono color
8872-to uncover
8882-to thicken
8889-angle °
9001-to deform
9004-to separate
9006-to assemble
9007-to increase
9011-to stick
9013-to print
9015-to write
9020-between 2
9021-to interpolate
9022-to undulate
9023-to hatch
9026-to round
9028-to export
10001-full Page (*)
10002-on object (/)
10008-ellipse & Circle...
10009-rectangle with round corner...
10010-Pas of laser edge
10011-Simply click one
10999 know did it...?
11000-Quand you use the tool arrow to increase a selection,
11001 can press you on the right button of the mouse to preserve
11002 them proportions of the starting rectangle.
11004-for configuring the tools star, sphere, comet:
11005-to click with the right button of the mouse on the corresponding tool.
11006-Un indicating red indicates which are the skeletal tools.
11008-for configuring the buttons feathers 1,2,3,4,
11009-in the dialogue box \042preference\042 of small \042the Option\042:
11010-to support on the button line (the thickness is in tenth of mm).
11012-for filling the selection of the given color:
11013-to support on the left button of the mouse on a color of the pallet.
11014-for modifying the color of the contour of the selection:
11015-to support on the right button of the mouse on a color of the pallet.
11016 can activate you and decontaminate the bubbles of assistances
11017 modifying small \042the Infobulle\042 of the \042menu?\042.
11018-if the bubbles of assistances are decontaminated, a cursor appears in the rules.
11020 limps it of information opened by small \042the Options\042, posts
11021-un button \042To publish\042 when you select a bitmap.
11022 them programmes of final improvement of image recognized are posted.
11023-add your programs in the heading [Bitmap] of the Vincent.ini file.
11024-during the layout of a line, you can force
11025-sound orientation by step of 15° while pressing on the Ctrl key.
11028-with the tool \042To trace ellipse\042 you can obtain a circle
11029 pressing on the Ctrl key. While pressing on the Maj Key,
11030-l' ellipse or the circle takes shape starting from the center.
11031 them two keys can of course be used jointly.
11032 them keys: \042*\042, \042/\042, \042+\042, \042-\042 \042%\042 of the numeric keypad post
11033-respectivement all the document, zoom on the selection, increases,
11034-decrease the report/ratio of posting of the zoom and posts the document at 100%.
11036-for memorizing a position posting to press on the keys:
11037-Ctrl + Maj + one of the figures from 0 to 9 of the alphabetical keyboard.
11038-for returning to the position previously memorized to support
11039-on the keys: Ctrl + one of the figures from 0 to 9 of the alphabetical keyboard.
11040-for obtaining from the assistance on an order or a tool,
11041-to support on the F1 key then on one of the orders of the menu,
11042-on one of the tools, or on one of the icons.
11044 them keys arrows (north, south, are, western)
11045-move the posting of the document in progress.
11046-used jointly with the Maj key
11047 move the selection by step of one centimetre.
11048-of many short cuts keyboard, are accessible
11049-since Vincent to help you in your work.
11050 finely \042shortened it keyboard\042 of the menu\042? \042
11051-post a page where they are referred.
11052 it Gabarits dialogue box makes it possible to add in a list
11053 them documents which you generally use.
11054-this box can be posted as of the launching of Vincent.
11056 them Ctrl keys + NR: Created a new document.
11057 them Ctrl keys + O: Open an existing document.
11058 them Ctrl keys + R: Record the active document.
11059 them Ctrl keys + L: Record the document under a different name.
11060 them guides enable you to guide the mouse on an axis.
11061-for creating a guide, clicking on one of the rules then to move the mouse.
11062 you can automatically create guides on an object
11063 selecting small \042the Option\042 then \042Guide\042 and finally \042To create\042.
11064 them icons laid out around the principal window, correspond
11065-with orders, you can add or configure them
11066-différemment with the order \042Bars icons\042 of small \042the Options\042.
11068 can you Grouper elements together, to fix the position
11069-of the elements between them: they are selected and they are moved
11070-like only one element. The order to separate restores
11071 them component (graphic elements or sub-groups) of a group.
11072 you can choose the size (large or small) of the icons
11073-posted around the space of drawing.
11074-select the order \042Bars icons\042 of small \042the Options\042.
11075-Ensuite, activate or decontaminate the box with notching \042Large icons\042.
11076-Un clicks right on the tool zoom (the magnifying glass) posts the document at 100%.
11077-Un other clicks poster the document with a factor of minimum zoom.
11080 them tools which post a red arrow are skeletal
11081 clicking with the right button of the mouse on
11082 them icon respective.
11084 touches it space regenerates posting.
11085 touches it tabulation selects the objects in loop.
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13116-flow chart