Comet tool

Generate a cloud of shapes (circle, triangle, lozenges, square) by following the layout of a freehand draw.

  • Push the left button of the mouse and keep your finger on it.
  • Move the mouse.
  • Release the button of the mouse.
  • Vincent Draw do a fleckage.
This fleckage can simulate several graphics effects, by affecting for example, the draw attributes XOR or OR to a comet placed below others elements ( bitmaps or vectors).

To change the parameters use the dialogue box comet accissible :

  • By activing the Comet tool with the right button of the mouse;
  • By activing the control Comet of the Options menu or the popupmenu.
Functioning of the Comet :
  • By drawing a freehand draw with the Comet tool, you can see some small dots on the screen.
  • Slower is the move of the mouse, closer are the dots.
  • Around each of this dots, Vincent Draw do a fleckage of vectors elements which can be circles, triangles, lozenges, squares or any other shapes together.
  • This fleckage done around each small dots from the start depend of several parameters:
    • The number of elements around each dot.
    • The cometís ray who define the scattering zone of the base elements around their dot.
    • The dotsí ray which define the height of the base elements.
  • Each of those parameters can be progressive (crescent or decreasing) from the begining to the end of the freehand initial draw.
  • The base elements can be put on rotation according to a free angle.