Symbol tool

Permit to reach quickly and to move on the document any symbols, cliparts or any other drawing element(s).

The symbol tool open a window holding graphics elements. This elements are contained in a file Multi.teo in the directory of Vincent Draw program.

This tool turns out to be interesting to realize documents where the same elements are appearing oftently. Then, the technical drawer will be able to put quickly such screw or such electronic component.

Instruction of the symbol tool :

  • Activate the symbol tool. A window is open and an active element is display.
  • Chose a symbol by scrolling the list of the elements.
  • Click at the place you want on the document to place the active element.
  • Push the left button of the mouse, move the it and release the button of the mouse to place the element in the proportions of the frame.
The button Add add an element at the moment selected at the end of the element list of the symbolís window.

To add several elements like only one element, you must at first group them : select the elements and activate the Ctrl + G keys.

The Del key delete the visible element of the symbol window (after confirmation).