Text tool

Permit the text publishing in the active window of draw.

Vincent Draw make out 2 type of text :

  • One who include illustration text or titling and using fonts of characters especially designed for the titling and the distortions,
  • The other included in a text block and using every Windows fonts to compose blocks text.
Procedures :
  • Create an illustration text with Vincent’s fonts
  • Create a text block with Windows’ fonts
  • Change the text’s attributes.
Note : the text blocks are different on the screen thanks to their dotted frame.

Create an illustration text
Two ways to do it :

  • The direct text keyboarding in the window of draw :
    • Activate the Text tool.
    • Move the mouse and click (left button) inside the window of draw at the place you want : a cursor appear. The height of this cursor is proportional at the body of the active font.
    • Keyboarding the text.
    • Use the right and left arrow if necessary.
  • . Use of a Line Editor :
    • Activate the Text tool.
    • Move the mouse and click the left button inside the window of draw at the place you want : a cursor appear.
    • Activate simultaneously the Ctrl and E keys or a right click on the Text tool.
    • Keyboarding the text.
To edit a text that already exist :
  • Select the text
  • Activate simultaneously the Ctrl and E keys or the control Edit of the menu Modify or also right click on the Text tool.
The text is displayed in the font with the active attributes. To change this attributes see the control Text of the Attributes menu.
Notes :
  • The illustration texts are limited at 40 characters.
  • Use the keyboard accessory in the attributes menu to edit and/or search a particular character of a font.
To edit a text block
  • Activate the tool text
  • Draw a rectangle who will contain the text and keep your finger on the Ctrl key : Vincent make the text editor appear.
  • Keybording the text or import it.
  • Select the height, style, aligning and font attributes.
  • Close the editor : the text appear in his rectangle-block with the selected attributes.
Note :
  • The text can be display without any background by activing the Transparent option of the dialogue box draw’s Attributes.
  • The text is display according to the rate of zoom, it can be readable or simulated by shaded rectangles for each line.
  • The text can appear badly smoothed out on the screen at certain rate of zoom. This flow does not affect the printing. As the justification must be the same on the screen and at the printing, Vincent Draw prefer to change the display of the text on the screen.
To change the text of a text block :
  • Select a text block.
  • Activate simultaneously the Ctrl and E keys
  • Or the control Edit of Modify menu
  • Or right click on the text tool
  • Or right click in the draw’s window then Edit of the popup Menu
  • A Text Editor window appear with the corresponding text of the text block selected.
Expending or reducing a text block, the text is rejustified in his new frame.

Text attributes
Display the dialogue box Text Attributes.
This dialogue box permit to change the attributes of one (or several) selected texts.
Use :

  • The height, expressed in Didot dot (1 Didot dot = 0,3759 mm), can have a value of 1 to 999 dots.
  • The italic can change from –45° to +45°. A negative value carry out an incline to the left.
  • The width, expressed in percentage, correspond to an extension or a reduction of the characters width. It must be included between 1% and 1000%.
  • The approach, which is the distance separating the characters (also called “crénage”), is expressed in a percentage of the characters hight. It must be included between –50% and 100%. An negative approach put the characters in covering.
  • Fontes : propose a list of available fontes. Click on a fonte to attribuate it at a selected element.
Notes :
  • See the functioning of the text tool.
  • A text has some text attributes and also some draw attributes. Every attributes are its style. To affect the same attributes at another Vincent text it is enough to copy-paste the style.