Zoom tool

The zoom tool permit to extend or to reduce the display of the document or a part of the visible document int the draw active window. The elements of draw are not changed, only the proportion dispayed change. The rules are up to date at each use of the Zoom tool, pointing always out the real measures of the document.

  • Click with the right button of the mouse to “inzoom”, we are closer to the infinitely small.
  • Click with the left button of the mouse to “outzoom”, we move away of the visible perception
Or to extend a part of the document :
  • Draw a rectangle with the mouse around the zone that must be extend. More the rectangle is small, more the rate of enlargement is important.
  • Release the left button of the mouse, the selected zone appear as big as a window of draw.
The following keys :
  • + and – permit to “zoom” ou dezoom whatever the active tool.
  • / or : zoom on the selection.
  • * display the document.
  • % display the document on a scale of 100%.
Approximation or a centimeter on the rulers come near a real centimeter and take the distance into account that separate yours eyes from the screen.
Note :
  • The rate of the maximum zoom is 1000%, the rate of the minimum is 30%.
  • At the start Vincent Draw display the most big part of the document (* key).
  • Whatever the rate of the zoom, every functionalities are available.